Pressure Assist Flush Toilets – More Power, Same Water.

Pressure assist flush toilets are one of a kind on the market, and is one of these breakthrough innovations that we feel the urge to take a closer look at. As they are highly efficient and they really offer something different, there’s no wonder their popularity is on the rise.

If you are thinking about remodeling your bathroom, consider the opportunity to install a new pressure assist flush toilet.

What Is A Pressure Assist Flush?

To start with, let’s see what pressure assisted toilets actually are. These toilets feature a built-in storage tank that allows water pressure to build up – naturally, from your home’s own water pressure. The pressure assist flush toilets do just that – the toilets use pressurized water to clean the bowl and to move waste down through the trap much faster than a gravity flush toilet, with each and every flush.

Although this may seem quite complex, you don’t have to worry about needing complex and detailed toilet use training. It all happens simply and naturally with just a tap on the flush lever!

They Look Like Regular Toilets…

On the outside, these toilets look just like regular gravity-flush. The Kohler pressure assist flush toilet on this page is a 2-piece design with an elongated bowl. Nobody would be able to tell the difference unless they open the storage tank to see the inner mechanism. It’s hard to believe that any of your guests would ever try to do this, so your secret’s safe until the flush.

The difference between these toilets and the ones you already know is that they use water pressure for the flush, rather than gravity. Conventional toilets rely on gravity to pull the water down from the tank through the trap and also to clean the bowl, while pressure assist forces the water out of the tank and through outlets in the rim. This new system appears to be highly effective, as water under pressure can clean the toilet bowl much better, and it moves waste down the trap much faster than a gravity-fed flush.

No Complex Mechanisms To Worry About

There is no water pump inside these toilets – no complex mechanisms. They use the pressure supplied by your water company. The only situation in which they may not work properly is if your water supplier has problems with delivering the right water pressure to your home. This may occur in neighborhoods that have become too crowded with buildings.

However, most homeowners can safely and easily buy and install a pressure assisted toilet in their bathroom.

And, these pressure assist flush toilets are every bit a water-conserving as a standard toilet, ranging from 1.1 GPF to 1.6 GPF (gallons per flush).