This website, is written by me, Dan, based on my knowledge of plumbing in gegeral, and specifically, my knowledge of toilets.

king of commodesAm I a plumber? No. But I am the consummate handyman (and a mechanical engineer if that helps) who has decades of successful plumbing projects under my belt.

Going back all the way to my college days where I worked my way through school doing grunt labor for a general contractor. It was during these few years of being exposed to all the construction trades (plumbing, electrical, framing, etc.) that I got interested in the construction arts. I was lucky to be schooled by the competent tradesmen who worker their trades on our construction projects.

I did learn a thing or two!

It wasn’t until I bought my first home during the late 1980’s that I actually applied my handyman knowledge to anything practical (meaning a house).

My house was built during the 1950’s so it never had a dishwasher or plumbing hook-ups for a washer and a dryer. So, I got to work and added them myself. I somehow was able to install and connect the dishwasher and the washing machine, soldering water pipes and adding a new drain. And I didn’t flood out the house. I didn’t electrocute myself. Everything worked just fine!

As time passed I started adding rental real estate to my portfolio. These were mostly older homes and apartments. I did some plumbing repairs and lots of maintenance. I got pretty good at doing most things for myself, making the homes much more pleasant and safer for tenants.

Lots of bathroom and kitchen upgrades. Lots of toilet replacements too. Over time, I got pretty good and learned LOTS about toilets! In fact, my wife affectionately refers to me as the “King Of Commodes!”

That’s why I decided to offer some great advice, based on my years of practical experience, on toilets!